Finn’s Fudge Treats (6 x 1kg bags)


Product Description

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If a small give away or companion product is what you require then Finn’s Fudge Treats are a perfect way to go.

Finn’s Fudge treats are also available in 6kg cartons. Packaged in convenient 6 x 1kg bags this is a perfect way to buy the treats when you need a lot! Perfect with coffee, popular in registration packs, ideal as a small thank you for using your service, and very popular as a quick reward for good achievement.

Each 1kg bag contains approximately 85 pieces of fudge and is available online and at grocery wholesalers.

Now there are NINE delicious flavours!
Irish Creme, Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Russian, Kahlua, Caramel Sea Salt, Chocolate, Ginger, Choc Coconut.

All flavours have their own distinctive colour wrap.

Mix and match your 1kg bags any way you want to make up a 6kg order.

Just fill in your requirements in the “Customer Note” box at checkout, or give us a call.

Talk to Jo (03) 376-4455 for further information and bulk order pricing.

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