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Fundraising FAQ’s

Finns Fudge Fundraiser FAQs

How much profit can I make?

Each gift box you sell earns your organisation $2.00 profit.  The fudge is sold per carton (containing 96 gift boxes) so every carton makes you $192.00.

How long will it take to get my fudge?

While we aim to dispatch orders within 3 days, large orders or very busy times of the year sometimes mean we need more time. We like our customers to give us 3 weeks notice so the earlier you can order the better. Top up orders, when you are after a few extra cartons, can usually be dispatched immediately.

Can I return unsold Fudge?

Unfortunately a requirement of our Food Safety accreditation means we cannot accept returns. It has been a very rare request (we have far more re-orders!) and we are keen to match you with the right number of cartons for your organisation and fundraising goals. Talk to Jo or Gary if you are uncertain about how many to order.

Who makes the fudge?

The fudge is made locally by our master fudge makers. They have had many years experience in the food industry and for the last 15 years been cooking fudge. They have perfected the technique and are a master at recognising the subtle changes in caramelisation which mark the difference between a good fudge and a great fudge.