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Fundraising Made Easy

100% Easy 100% Delicious

At Finn’s, we know how valuable schools and community groups are in helping Kiwi’s achieve their goals and dreams. We also know that having enough funds to pursue those dreams is a constant demand, which is why we have come up with the Finn’s Fudge Fundraiser Gift Box – the perfect solution for your fundraising needs. It’s a delicious kiwi made product that is easy to sell and makes a great return for your organisation. It comes in convenient carry packs so distribution to your members is easy and straightforward.

Why is Finn’s Fudge a good Fundraising Idea?

EXCELLENT RETURN. You will make your fundraising target faster. Each gift box is sold for $6.50 making your group a $2 profit. As the gift boxes come in a convenient carry pack holding 8 gift boxes that’s $16.00 for just 8 sales!

GIFT BOX (127g RUSSIAN FUDGE)$4.50$6.50$2.00
CARRY  PACK (8 GIFT BOXES)$36.00$52.00$16.00
CARTON (12 CARRY PACKS)$432$624.00$192.00
Orders by complete cartons only. Minimum order is 1 carton.

‘We found that Finn’s Fudge fundraiser not only met our goals but by far and away exceeded them.’

EASY TO SELL. The Finn’s Fudge Fundraiser gift box makes a lovely thank you gift, a present, or indulgence for yourself. It’s particularly easy to sell as a gift for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas.

‘received the shipment and it is selling so fast that I need another carton of 12 boxes please’

GREAT PRODUCT. The fudge is really delicious – it’s creamy and smooth with a fabulous ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ texture.

‘the packs will certainly make a nice gift for when you want something to say that special thank you. I have sampled one already and the fudge is delicious’

GREAT SERVICE. Our friendly staff can guide you when deciding how much to order, suggest selling ideas and ways to keep your school motivated during the fundraising period. We will process and dispatch your order quickly.

MADE IN NEW ZEALAND. We are proud to be Kiwi Made and to support local Kiwi organisations achieve their dreams through fundraising.


How Much Should I Order?

When you are considering your order take into account the number of carrying packs you expect each of your members to sell. If you are unsure about how much to order just give us a call and we will help you work out the right amount.

Orders need to be in carton lots. Each carton contains 12 carry packs.


DELIVERY. While we aim to dispatch orders within a week, some times of the year are particularly busy and we may need up to 3 weeks to get your order to you. The sooner you can let us know when you want your order the easier we can fulfil that request.

PAYMENT.  For all first time orders, we will require payment in advance before the despatch of your product. For existing customers, we will need to receive payment from your organisation within 30 days of the despatch date of your order. This will give you ample time to complete your sales and pay your account with your proceeds.  We are happy to supply individuals who wish to use the fundraiser, but as above payment is required before the goods are dispatched.

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