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Where To Buy Fudge Products

Where To Buy Fudge Products

Looking to buy your favourite Finns Fudge product locally? You can buy through the following stockists:

  • New World supermarkets
  • Fresh Choice supermarkets
  • Raewood Fresh
  • Caltex Garages
  • Selection of Dairies
  • Select video stores
Finns Fudge Russian Pouch

Our new 130g pouches for retail are proving very popular. These stylish packs have been designed for either as a great gift or for the personal enjoyment of our fine fudge. These individually wrapped treats come in Russian and also an assorted box with all of our flavours … Chocolate Mint, Irish Crème, Vanilla and Russian.

Very popular is our red 180g supermarket box, filled with Russian treats. This appears in most supermarkets at Christmas though a growing number are stocking it as a day to day item. If this is your favourite then ask for it at their information kiosk.

You will find our Russian 50g bar in many New World supermarkets, often in the gluten-free section, but also in the confectionery aisle and on the countertop. Also, check your local petrol station as a growing number of outlets are discovering how popular this item is.

Our 250g luxury gift box makes an extra special gift. This beautifully presented 2 piece box has a luxurious satin finish and is filled with individually wrapped Russian treats. Talk to us if you are interested in this extra special gift box.

Another way you can enjoy our fine fudge is to buy our fudge in a 1kg bag of loose treats. You can purchase this in 2 ways: packaged in bulk 5kg cartons containing 5x1kg bags – this is a perfect way to buy the treats when you need a lot! You can choose 1kg bags from any of our flavours to make up the 5kg carton. This can be done through our website or alternatively you can just purchase individual 1kg bags to enjoy at home. Just give us a call on 0800 346 673 to make this order. Perfect with coffee, popular in registration packs, ideal as a small thank you for using your service, and very popular as a quick reward for good achievement. Each 1kg bag contains approximately 85 pieces of fudge and is available online and direct through us.

*We now have four flavours to choose from … Russian, Irish Crème, Vanilla and Choc Mint.